Monday, February 2, 2009

Apa sih Global Warming ? - August


AC accounts for 16% of your electric bill. Setting the temperature 2 degree warmer saves on your electric bill. Clean your AC once every 3-6 months. Buy energy efficient AC. Whenever possible, keep cool without AC: Strategically PLANTING TREES around the house reduces AC needs by 30%-58%; Opening Opposite and windows to pull out air through the house improves cross ventilation; Block sunlight during hot hours of the day with Awnings, Blinds, OR Curtains; USE FANS, which use only 3% of electricity, to move air throughout the house.

Refrigerator accounts for 15%-20% of your electric bill and it's the BIGGEST ENERGY-CONSUMING kitchen appliance in a home, almost 5 times than the average television. Ideal fridge temperature is 2.5deg C to 4.5deg C, Ideal freezer temperature is -18deg C to -15deg C. 10deg C cooler than the ideal settings uses 25% more electricity. Placing refrigerator away from heat source and closing the doors quickly saves electricity.

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